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An overlooked aspect of today’s society; attributed to countless walks to the mailbox. The Almighty Envelope is quite the underrated superstar of print media today…. Don’t laugh… Seriously give it some thought.

Most people, when thinking of envelopes associate them with some sort of mailing function, mostly attributed to some form of  junk-mail. Although The Almighty Envelope plays many more roles than carrying just another credit card offer. From Letter’s to Santa to your first Marathon packet, the envelope is just as good as the content it contains.

At Electric City, we pride ourselves on providing the high quality content that go into your race day envelopes, and while most of you know us for the high quality race bibs we provide, did you also know that we specialize in printing highly functional race-day packets that can be personalized with variable data along with variable imaging?

It pains us to show up on race day and be provided a blank envelope with information printed on an Avery label and then applied to the envelope. We see it is a wasted branding opportunity that doesn’t truly provide a functional advantage on race day. We see hours being spent by race crews and even families of race crews helping stuff and apply labels to these envelopes.

What if we told you that we could provide you and your race with fully stuffed and personalized envelopes? Would you be interested?

As an exercise ask yourself this question: Will the actual participant see value in the service you are providing them by stuffing their envelope? Visualize each participant standing in front of you as you stuff their envelope, would they find what you are doing valuable to them?

In short, we would love the opportunity to take this headache off your plate and allow you to focus more on the activities that your participants can find value in.

For the month of May, we are offering a 20% discount off our current pricing of 1-color 9 x 12 Catalog envelopes along with kitting pricing based upon the amount of components that are being included. See our pricing breakdown below:

Envelopes (Not including discount)

Quantity 1-500 501-1000 1001-1500
Price/Piece $.18/piece $.16/piece $.14/piece

Kitting Pricing

Pieces to Insert 1 Piece 2 Pieces 3 Pieces 4 Pieces 5+ Pieces
Price/Packet $.10/packet $.12/packet $.13/packet $.14/piece $.15/piece

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